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PassionLeague is the sporting league for everyone! From people walking down the streets to aspiring athletes competing for championships! This is a social sporting platform for you to find, play and compete in games you are passionate in.  

Just played and won a game of 3 on 3 Basketball? Finally beat your neighbour in a friendly Golf game? You can share your thoughts, feelings and insights on this platform as well as compete in friendly matchups and share your Wins & Losses. Show your game!

PassionLeague is meant for everyone! Whether you are playing professionally, or playing for fun, playing to have a healthier lifestyle, or simply just wish to be more involved with your passion for sports, this is your social sporting league. We have active users who constantly seek and play matchup games as well as users who are less active.

From commenting on plays and celebrating wins on ‘live’ TV sports, or wondering about a new Fit gear launched by Nike? You can share your games and ideas with people who share the same passion as you!

PassionLeague will require you to key in your address during account creation. This helps our App to locate the nearest Playgrounds for you. As a privacy concern, Users may also input a neighborhood or nearby park.

Passions are simply the sports you love. Of course there will be alot of people who can play a multitude of sports, from Table Tennis to Badminton to Soccer, etc. However, we coined’ the term ‘Passion’ League specifically to link users (i.e. players) like yourself, who have a special passion for their sports. So in most instances, most users would not have more than 3 to 4 Passions.

PassionLeague is committed to deliver the ultimate social sporting platform to link you and your sport in our platform. We will review and add more sports as our community grows.


As the name suggest, users can create group-chats specifically for chatting or easier group communications across members.

A Team Sport group can be created for members to engage in Team plays for a particular sport. Team plays includes 11-a-side soccer to 3 on 3 basketball to Badminton doubles to many others. Team Sport groups can also initiate Chats from the Friends tab.

A Team Sport group captain can:

  • Add and remove members (members can remove themselves as well)
  • Assign other members as ‘Captain’
  • Set Team sport group Active / Deactivate (Deactivated groups do not participate in Matchups)
  • Delete group
  • Cancel a matchup after invitation has been accepted
  • Submit & accept Matchup scores for completed Matchups

Team sport groups will have ‘Active’ status by default. Teams that do not wish to participate in Matchups or wish to ‘retire‘ can select ‘Set group inactive‘.

Delete group‘ will PERMANENTLY remove the group.

Users can exit Chat groups by selecting Exit Group in the top right Options menu in the group chat bubble window.


A Matchup is simply a friendly match (i.e. a competition or game). In PassionLeague, you can participate in both Individual (e.g. Tennis) and Team sport (e.g. soccer) Matchups. Team sports will require you to have buddies in a Team sport group.

Participate in more Matchups to gain Leaderboard rankings points in the Playgrounds. Top ranking players and teams may be invited for PassionLeague tournaments or exhibition games held in select cities.

You will first select the Passion and Matchup format (Singles, Doubles, 2 on 2, 5-a-side, etc). Matchup formats are different for different sports. Matchup formats involving team sports will also require you to be part of a Team sport group with that Passion.

You will then pick the Matchup’s Playground venue and opponent player / team. The final step is to confirm on the date & time for this Matchup.  A Matchup invitation will be sent to other party to accept or reject.

A Matchup invitation will be sent once a Matchup is scheduled. You can either accept or reject this invitation for a Matchup. Accepting a Matchup allows both sides (Individual or Team sport) to compete and subsequently entering game scores (e.g. 7-2). Do take note of Playground, date and time of Matchup and have fun!

Show your Game!

Matchup players & teams are found in the Playgrounds they are registered with. A player found in Playground ‘A’ could also be listed in Playground ‘B’. Hence do select the venue for the Matchup before picking who you wish to play against.

The playgrounds listed in Select Matchup screen are the Playgrounds you are registered to.

If you wish to have a friendly Matchup with a friend who do not have a common Playground, simply register that Playground via Search or via your friend’s Profile screen (Vs icon).

Either side (Winner or Loser) can input score to conclude this Matchup. In Team sports, only users with ‘Captain’ status within the group can input scores. Once scores are entered, the other party will receive a notification to accept or reject this score. Players / Team captains can reject initial score and input a NEW score to be sent to other party to accept. Scores are FINAL once its accepted.

This is a two-step verification process to allow fairer score-keeping for league players. Not everyone remember scores well, so submit the Matchup score earliest possible.

To keep score-keeping as fair as possible, we allow either sides (Winning or losing party) to submit scores to conclude the Matchup. As there may be occasions when party ‘A’ submits the incorrect Winner and Matchup score, we do allow party ‘B‘ to reject the scoring and re-submit a new one.

When party ‘B‘ rejects Matchup score (submitted by party ‘A’), ‘B‘ will need to submit a new score for party ‘A’ to review and confirm. Rejection by ‘A’ at this point means both parties cannot agree on the Winner and Matchup scores. No scores will be taken and Matchup terminates. A system message will be sent to all parties when this happens.

In summary, you can reject the earlier score submission to enter a new winner and score.


A Playground is simply the place or venue where you play your sports; hence ‘Playground’. It could be at the beach next to a beach bar, or a basketball court down the street, to a empty field next to a public park.

Whatever and wherever the place you are currently playing and enjoying your passions are Playgrounds! Simply locate these venues in our database and maps to register.

As we grow our platform to launch in more cities, Playground information may not be captured in your city or area yet. You can help us by adding new playgrounds into our database if they are not listed or found in the maps. This will certainly help our communities grow faster!

In other words, you can register and play even if we are not officially launched in your city yet! What are you waiting for? Show your Game!

Users can add new playgrounds not found in PassionLeague maps either during user-account creation, or via the ‘Search’ function in our App. The ‘add new’Playground_AddNewplayground icon is found in the Map View tab. Once the icon is activated, tap anywhere on the map to drop a pin. Tapping on this pin will confirm the playground location. Users will proceed to input playground information. Provide an ‘identifiable’ name and details for the playground to help other users locate this venue.

There are three categories of Usage Type. Public refers to availability for Free public use. Private could be used on playgrounds within a Club, or a gated community (e.g. condominium) or even an institution like a school or campus. Paid usage refers to private Playgrounds where access is timed-based or membership based on charged payments. Users may provide usage charges in the Playground Details section when adding a new Playground into our system.

There are currently no limits to the number of Playgrounds you can have. We understand some users could be playing in different Playgrounds on different days of the week and still have the occasional 1 on 1 Matchups on their buddies’ Playground. Since Matchups are mainly scheduled from Playgrounds you have registered to, feel free to register to the various Playgrounds you like.

The first playground that you register (or newly created) during account creation will be your Homeground. Typically Homeground would also mean that this is a user’s primary (i.e. favourite) Playground. By identifying your Homeground, you will locate your favourite Playground faster, especially for users with many Playgrounds.

When a new Team sport group is formed, the group’s Playground(s) will be registered from each member’s Homeground.

Users can set a Playground as ‘Homeground’ status by either ‘Press & Hold’ on a Playground in the Playgrounds screen or by clicking on the ‘Home’ Homeground_icon icon displayed alongside each Playground in your Profile Screen > Edit Details.

PassionLeague has a proprietary algorithm to calculate every players involvement within our community. By participating in Matchups, players or teams will be awarded participation points. Winning Matchups certainly helps. Players using the App daily will also gain points; among other functions. Go try it out! 


PassionLeague will automatically scan your mobile contacts for new friends periodically. You can also perform a manual scan by selecting the ‘Scan mobile for friends‘ option in the Contacts screen.

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