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Have some spare time and like to play a game of Basketball?

  • Scan for 'on-court' players in 'real-time'. Message and join pickup games

  • Form chat groups by adding players from your Playgrounds. Connect and make NEW friends and Play!

  • Post a game session into your News Feed. Reach out to players across your registered Playgrounds

  • Use PassionLegue Social Network for Sports to Setup Matchup games and compete

Schedule or spontaneously join pickup games at your favorite Playgrounds

Find Basketball Players Near Me

Sports Social Network – Social Sports League

A Sports League for Everyone. Play, Share and Compete in the Social Network for Sports


Post Updates, Photos & Videos

Post Updates, Photos & Videos

Feeling emotional watching ‘live’ Sports on TV? Share those Emotions
Made your first Slam Dunk? Post the video!
Play League Championships

Play League Championships

Invite players to compete in Matchups
Elevate Leaderboard Rankings in your Playground
Find Players to Play

Find Players to Play

Find buddies to Play or Team up. Or simply Follow their interests
Check out Player profile statistics
Locate Venues & Playgrounds

Locate Venues & Playgrounds

Find sports venues in your area. A grass field or concrete court
Register existing or new venues as Playgrounds into system
Real-time Check-ins

Real-time Check-ins

Automatic check-ins to your Playgrounds (i.e. Sport venue)
You know who’s there & facilitates forming teams
Sports Team and Group Chats

Sports Team and Group Chats

Sports Social Media to Organize Team games & Matchups
Chat with your Team or Playground players with Group-chat


Find Football Players In Your Area


League Championships For Sports


  • A localized sports tournament for the 'ordinaryworking adults playing weekend football games, as well as young aspiring athletes
  • Designed for Sports Players of all skill-levels, playing in any grass fields, concrete courts and sports facilities (Playgrounds)
  • Each Playground (e.g. football field, tennis court, golf course, etc) will hosts its own independent tournaments among its registered players and teams
  • Compete in Matchups (5-a-side, 1 on 1, etc) with other Players and Teams of your skill-level, at your pace, in your Playgrounds
  • Game Matchup Wins & Losses are tabulated in a Leaderboard Ranking for each Playground
  • Play the Sports you love as well as engage in friendly Matchups. Gain recognition among your peers and track your progress!

PASSIONLEAGUE. The Sports Social Network




Players of all skill levels can Share, Play and Compete in the Social Sports League for these Sports




…a network for passionate players like me to share and register our memories and achievements…

Goh T. S.

…wonderful.. the App even shows me who’s on court right now…

Jason T.

…with Matchups & Leaderboard, I can now see how well I stack up with others…

Jonathan L.